Homeless Information

If you and your children are living in a temporary living situation, you children may have a right to the following:

  • The opportunity to stay in your school of origin or choose to attend the school district into which you are moving
  • Receive transportation to and from your school of origin
  • Immediately enroll in school with, or without school or health records
  • Get free lunch and school fee waivers

You and your children are eligible for these rights if:

  • You are sharing housing with others because of the loss of housing, economic need or domestic violence.
  • You are currently living in a shelter or motel.
  • You are currently living in a campground, park, car or abandoned building
  • You are without a permanent address

Anyone that may have questions regarding homeless residency may contact the OBR Homeless Coordinator, Mark Miller at 618 756-2492.